SR 524 - Great Dane Creek - Fish Passage - Complete August 2018


Contractor crews replaced a box culvert on Great Dane Creek under State Route 524/Maltby Road near Maltby and rebuilt the nearby streambed to provide a clearer passage for fish like salmon and steelhead. The creek used to pass through a 4-foot wide culvert under SR 524 just west of State Route 9/Woodinville-Snohomish Road. The narrow passage increased the speed of water through the culvert, creating a partial barrier by making it difficult for some fish to swim the creek. The new culvert is 19 feet wide, 8 feet tall and 35 feet long and makes stream flow conditions much easier for all local fish to traverse.

The old Great Dane Creek culvert was one of more than 1,000 culverts subject to a 2013 U.S. District Court ruling that the state must remove culverts that block fish passage under state roads to restore historical tribal fishing rights. 

Needs & benefits

  • Environment: Replacing the culvert and rebuilding the streambed:
    • Improved fish passage.
    • Created a more inviting habitat for wildlife.
    • Opened up an additional 4.5 miles of habitat for salmon and steelhead on Great Dane Creek.
    • Helped restore historical fish migration patterns and tribal fishing rights.
    • Allows other wildlife to also safely cross under SR 524.
  • Compliance: The project helps WSDOT comply with the U.S. District Court ruling regarding fish passage.


  • The total estimated cost for this project was $1.9 million.
  • The project was funded through the 2015 Connecting Washington transportation package.


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A small map of the fish passage box culvert replacement project on SR 524/Maltby Road at Great Dane Creek near Maltby.

A small photo of the narrow box culvert on Great Dane Creek that is under SR 524 in Maltby.
Great Dane Creek flows through a narrow box culvert under SR 524 near Maltby.
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