SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program - Videos

We produce many videos about the work happening along the SR 520 corridor. Click the thumbnail images below to navigate to YouTube playlists of SR 520 videos organized by topic or construction project.

Also, here's a link to our latest SR 520 video, or you can switch to WSDOT's general YouTube channel.

Link to YouTube playlistSR 520 Program: designs, previews, recaps and simulations
Animations of what the completed corridor will look like, simulations of the existing corridor's vulnerability to wind storms and earthquakes, project highlight videos, and more.


Link to YouTube playlistSR 520 Program: Seattle and the new floating bridge
Videos specifically covering the work happening between I-5 in Seattle and Medina on the Eastside. Includes the new floating bridge, the West Approach Bridge North (WABN), the West Connection Bridge, and the portions in Seattle.


Link to YouTube playlistSR 520 Program: Eastside Transit and HOV Project
Videos covering the expansion of the SR 520 corridor on the Eastside, from Medina to I-405. Includes time-lapse videos of work undertaken during highway closures.


Link to YouTube videosSR 520 Program: Pontoons
Videos about the pontoon construction effort in Aberdeen, Wash. Includes time-lapse videos of the pontoons as they are floated out into the water and transported by tugboat to Lake Washington. Also includes videos covering the concrete-cracking issue.


Link to YouTube playlistSR 520 history
Historic footage of the old, now-replaced floating bridge, including film shot on its opening day in 1963.