SR 520 - 148th Ave NE Interchange - Overlake Access Ramp

Project news

  • This Connecting Washington project will relocate the existing eastbound SR 520 ramp to southbound 148th Avenue Northeast and add a new eastbound ramp to the Overlake Village area.
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Needs & Benefits

  • The eastbound State Route 520 ramp to 148th Avenue Northeast in Redmond’s Overlake neighborhood traditionally experiences heavy congestion, causing travel delays and backups. With new residential and retail development and the future Sound Transit light rail station, the Overlake population and traffic within it will continue to grow in the coming years.
  • In order to manage congestion and reduce travel times, WSDOT will relocate the existing eastbound SR 520 ramp and add a new eastbound ramp with direct access to Overlake Village. Construction is scheduled to start in 2021 and be complete by 2023 before light rail opens at Overlake Village Station. Learn more about Redmond's infrastructure plans for this area.
  • Direct access: The new off-ramp will provide direct access to the Overlake Village retail area.
  • Improves safety: The new routes from SR 520 will reduce the potential for crashes by reducing off-ramp backups as well as weaving traffic on 148th Avenue Northeast.
  • Improved mobility: WSDOT will realign the existing eastbound off-ramp to 148th Avenue Northeast to create space for a new ramp and add a new off-ramp that will cross under 148th Avenue Northeast. This will provide a new eastbound exit option from SR 520.
  • Improved street connections: WSDOT will also coordinate with the city of Redmond on new city street connections, providing travelers timely access to the Overlake Village Light Rail Station and Northeast 24th Street.


  • 2018-2021: Design, engineering and right-of-way acquisition
  • 2021-2023: Construction


Funding for this project was approved by the Washington State Legislature in 2015, as part of the $16 billion “Connecting Washington” transportation package. Connecting Washington projects aim to enhance the statewide transportation system and maintain critical infrastructure.


Tom Pearce

SR 520-148th interchange map