SR 509 - S 168th St to S 112th St Vic - Paving, ADA, & Barrier Replacement - Complete January 2018

Why did WSDOT repave northbound SR 509?
Also known as the Burien Freeway, the northbound lanes were last paved in 2003 and the pavement was cracked and rutted from the nearly 28,000 vehicles that use SR 509 between South 168th Street and South 112th Street in Burien each day.

Contractor crews ground down the top layer of pavement and repaved it with asphalt, creating a smoother and safer surface.

Along with repaving northbound SR 509, crews replaced four pedestrian curb ramps at the corner of South 128th Street to make it easier for everyone to cross the street.

Why is WSDOT replacing guardrail with concrete barrier?
Two sections of guardrail along the median were replaced with concrete barrier in order to improve safety and cut back on the time lanes are closed when crews repair damaged guardrail. Maintenance crews can quickly push the concrete barrier into place after a collision, instead of requiring lengthy lane closures to repair guardrail and posts.

The End Result
Drivers now have smoother pavement and maintenance crews are able to reposition the new concrete barrier quickly after a collision.

Project Benefits

  • Safety - Repaving this section of SR 509 eliminated cracks, ruts and potholes where water can pool and reduce traction.
  • Economic - Replacing the guardrail with concrete barrier saves maintenance crews time and taxpayer money. Crews can push barrier back in place, but repairing guardrail requires more time and longer lane closures.

What is the project timeline?

  • February 2017: Project advertised for competitive bidding.
  • April 2017: Project awarded.
  • June 2017: Construction begins.
  • Winter 2018: Project is scheduled to be complete.


Funding consisted of Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) of $4,621,000.
Total: $4,621,000


How can I get more information?

Lisa Van Cise
WSDOT communications