Project Info

SR 410 - White River Bridge to SR 164 - Paving & ADA Compliance - Completed August 2017

On SR 410 between the White River Bridge and SR 164 in Enumclaw we completed grinding, repaving and striping to restore about 2.8 miles of the highway. We also installed drainage near Mud Mountain Road and adjusted the SR 410/Cole Street intersection in Enumclaw to improve visibility for drivers.


How you benefit

Improves safety
Removing ruts and cracks in the road lessens the opportunity for water to pool on the roadway, which can reduce traction for vehicles.

Installing drainage near Mud Mountain Road keeps groundwater from seeping onto the roadway, which could create icy conditions in freezing weather.

Changing the angle of the SR 410/Cole Street intersection gives drivers a better look at on-coming traffic, reducing the possibility of a collision.

Economic incentive
Repaving preserves the highway and extends its lifespan by protecting the supporting layers underneath the driving surface. It also reduces annual maintenance costs and reduces the possibility of emergency repairs.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $2.7 million


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