SR 410 - White River Bridge - Painting - Complete September 2018


In summer 2018, contractor crews from Panther Industrial Painting, LLC cleaned and repainted the SR 410 White River Bridge between Enumclaw and Buckley.

The White River Bridge was origionally built in 1949, and was last painted in 1988. Since then, the protective coating on the bridge had deteriorated, exposing the steel to the weather and elements, which resulted in rust and corrosion.

Repainting the bridge protects the steel from future corrosion and preserves the structure for years to come.

How you benefit

  • Protects the environment: Cleaning and repainting the bridge prevents flaking paint and rusting metal from falling into the White River. 
  • Economic incentive: Repainting preserves and protects the bridge's structure from the elements. This reduces the need for emergency maintenance closures and extends the life of the bridge.


The cost of this project was $2.8 million.


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