SR 241 - Mabton Vicinity - Retrofit Bridges

Project News

  • Geotechnical work is complete and we are finalizing the bridge plans.
  • Construction is scheduled to begin spring 2022.
  • This project received funding from the 2015 Connecting Washington Revenue Package.

Why is WSDOT fixing the bridges over the Yakima River near Mabton?
Both bridges crossing SR 241 over the Yakima River Bridge in Mabton are decades old and in need of repair.

The End Result
This project will remove the weight restrictions and restore the structural integrity of the bridges.

Needs & Benefits

  • Freight Mobility - The current bridges cannot carry legal loads. Improvements will eliminate these restrictions and allow legal loads to cross.
  • Safety - Retrofitting the bridges will make the structures seismic compliant. 


  • 2015: Project funded through Connecting Washington funding package
  • 2018 to 2021: Project design
  • Spring 2022: Construction scheduled to begin


Alex Sanguino
Project Engineer

Jackie Ramirez
WSDOT Communications