SR 20 - SR 9 to Hansen Creek & SR 9/SR 20 to Park Cottage Pl - Paving & ADA - Complete October 2018


WSDOT contractor crews from Granite Construction repaved a one mile stretch of SR 9 north of SR 20 and nearly three miles of SR 20 between the western leg of SR 9 and Fruitdale Road in Sedro-Woolley. This work replaced cracking and potholed pavement, preserving the infrastructure and helping reduce the need for costly emergency repairs and unexpected closures. Crews also improved nearly a dozen  pedestrian crossings through the city of Sedro-Woolley, bringing them up to federal standards to improve trips for people of all abilities.

The End Result

This project extended the life of the highway while creating a smoother ride for people driving and cycling through the city of Sedro-Woolley. The improvments to crossing areas helped make access to homes, businesses and transportation routes an easier options for people of all abilities.


This paving and pedestrian improvement project cost $3.2 million.


Northwest Region Communication

Thumbnail map of SR 20 and SR 9 2018 paving project in Sedro-Woolley stretching from Ferry Street to Fruitdale Road on SR 20 and SR 20 to Alderwood on SR 9.

Small photo of a section of SR 9 that is part of a 2018 paving project.
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WSDOT contractor crews paved and improve highway crossing areas on SR 20 from Ferry Street to Fruitdale Road in Sedro-Woolley and on SR 9, shown here, north of SR 20.