Project Info

SR 20 - SR 525 Bob Galbreath Rd to Holbrook Rd - Paving & ADA - Complete December 2017

WSDOT is repaving more than 30-miles of State Route 20 and State Route 525 between Clinton and Coupeville. It has been more than 20 years since we've put down new asphalt.

Why is WSDOT repaving 30 miles of SR 20 and SR 525 in Island County?
These highways were last paved in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. WSDOT maintenance crews work to keep these highways in good condition each year but highways should be repaved every 15 years. These roads are overdue for a longer lasting fix.

Current potholes, cracks and ruts, that you can see in these photos, create an area where water can pool and freeze further deteriorating the pavement and presenting unsafe driving conditions.

As part of this project a number of pedestrian crossings will also be improved to meet current standards and approve safety and walkability around Whidbey Island. 

Why is WSDOT paving such a large stretch of highway all at once?
Condensing the work will allow contractor crews to finish in just one summer. Getting this project done at one time will have less of an effect on travelers than breaking it up into smaller projects. 

What are crews doing during this construction?
Contractor crews are going to grind down and remove existing asphalt then replace it with a new asphalt surface. They will rebuild pedestrian crossing areas to make the transition from sidewalk to street smoother and safer.

What should travelers expect?
Crews will do most of the repaving work on this project in the overnight hours. However, a few areas will see daytime work. All work on pedestrian crossings will be done during the day.

Drivers should expect overnight delays. Cyclists should consider using alternate routes during this project or plan ahead for a rough surface in some areas. Pedestrian access will remain at intersections but could require short detours to the opposite side of the street.


The End Result
This project will create a smoother ride and extend the life of the roadway creating safer conditions for travelers. It also will reduce the need for emergency closures and costly repairs. The work on sidewalks will improve walkability and safety for pedestrians on the island.

Project Benefits

  • This preservation project will improve safety by removing potholes, cracks and ruts.
  • This work will reduce the need for emergency road repairs and closures, which can be costly and cause driver delays due to lane closures.


What is the project timeline?
November 2016: Project awarded to Granite Construction.
Spring 2017: Construction begins.
Fall 2017: Project scheduled to be finished.


Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)

  • 2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) - $0
  • 2005 Gas Tax (TPA) - $0
  • Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) - $14,797
  • CWA - $0
  • Total - $14,797


How can I get more information?

Andrea E. Petrich

Ron Burke
Assistant Project Engineer