SR 16 Westbound Nalley Valley - By the Numbers

What does it take to build a new westbound viaduct across the Nalley Valley in Tacoma? Here's the project by the numbers:

Total project funding:

$183.7 million

Nickel funding:

$162.7 million

Construction contract amount:

$119.9 million

Average daily traffic in 1971:    


Average daily traffic today:


Number of bridges:


Number of piers (columns): 


Estimated steel: 

10.4 million pounds

Estimated concrete: 

48,000 cubic yards

Depth of piers in the ground:  

50 to 70 feet 

Height of piers above the ground:   

40 to 84 feet

Capacity of temporary stormwater retention ponds:

3 million gallons  

Capacity of permanent stormwater retention ponds:  

22.4 million gallons

Linear storm drainage:

3.14 miles

Height of existing viaduct:

64 feet

Highest point of new westbound viaduct: 

94 feet 

Square feet of bridge deck: 


Acres of bridge deck: