SR 14 - Wind River Rd - Intersection Improvements

Project news

  • Project was awarded on May 28, 2019 to Crestline Construction Company, LLC.
  • Construction scheduled to begin on Monday, July 15 
  • How to drive a roundabout

WSDOT is working with Skamania County to build a project that will help keep people and freight moving between Carson and SR 14. After incorporating community input and weighing the benefits of different alternatives, a roundabout at the intersection of SR 14 and Wind River has been selected as the preferred design. 

Why is WSDOT building a roundabout at the intersection of SR 14 and Wind River Road near the town of Carson?
Currently, there are only two routes between the community of Carson and SR 14: Hot Springs Ave. and Wind River Road. A roundabout at this location offers the greatest safety benefit by reducing the potential for severe collisions. This solution minimizes delay for all vehicles traveling between Carson and SR 14. Additionally, the roundabout concept minimizes environmental and residential impacts in the area.  

Existing access issues

  • Hot Springs Avenue is threatened by erosion from the Wind River. At some point in the future, the road will need to be closed for the safety of the traveling public.
  • Wind River Road is poised to be the primary route for passenger vehicles and trucks, but the tight turns make the current configuration too difficult for commercial traffic. 

What to expect during construction

  • Intermittent single-lane closures with flaggers, on SR 14, throughout the work zone.
  • A temporary full closure of Wind River Road.
  • Travelers should use caution and reduce speeds through the works zone, and expect delays of up to 20-minutes.

A temporary full closure of Wind River Road

  • The full closure of Wind River Road is scheduled to begin on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 6
  • The full closure of Wind River Road is expected to last through Tuesday, Aug. 27.
  • During the closure, contractor crews will work to stabilize the adjacent hillside near the highway.
  • During the closure, travelers wishing to get to the town of Carson will follow a signed detour from SR 14 to Hot Springs Avenue and into Carson.
  • Hot Springs Avenue will remain open as the alternative route between SR 14 and the community of Carson, throughout the duration of the project.
  • SR 14 will remain open during the closure of Wind River Road.

The End Result
Improving the intersection and stabilizing the slope will help to ensure the safety of the traveling public through this stretch of highway.

Needs & benefits

  • Improve safety
  • Keep traffic moving
  • Keep commerce and commercial traffic moving through Carson


  • Spring - Fall 2017 
    • Conduct geotechnical investigations
  • Winter 2017 / Spring 2019
    • Obtain environmental permits
    • Property acquisition
    • Develop
    • Final plans
  • July 2019
    • Construction scheduled to begin
  • Sept. 2019
    • Construction scheduled for completion


Financial Data for PIN L2000074
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $1,114
CWA $7,879
Total $8,993


Devin Reck 
WSDOT Project Engineer

Celeste Dimichina
WSDOT communications