SR 105 - North Cove Vicinity - Erosion Protection 2017

Project news

  • Both directions of SR 105 will alternate through a single lane north of the Shoalwater Bay Reservation from Monday, Sept. 18 until December.
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  • This project was awarded to Quigg Bros. Inc. on Aug. 10, 2017

In summer 2017, contractor crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation, will begin work on the embankment alongside State Route 105, between mileposts 19.57 and 20.58, in Pacific County. 

Last repaired in late 2015, the embankment along this stretch of highway is in need or repair. 

High tides and several harsh winter storm events have brought debris and water onto the roadway, causing damage and eroding sections of the shoreline and rock wall.

To protect the roadway and prevent further erosion of the embankment, crews will replace damaged sections of shoreline by adding a revetment.

Revetments are sloping structures made of rocks, sand and other natural materials, which are placed on banks or cliffs in such a way as to absorb the energy from incoming water. They are a low-cost solution for coastal erosion, and work especially well during periods of heavy seasonal rains.

Crews will also be adding a debris berm to channel debris and water away from the roadway during concurrent high tide and storm events.     

Why is WSDOT working on erosion protection on SR 105, in the North Cove vicinity?
The purpose of this project is to protect the structural integrity of the SR 105 embankment as well as provide a safer roadway for drivers by preventing debris and water from washing up onto the road.

The End Result
Once completed, this project will provide a stable roadway embankment and reduce or eliminate the potential for debris to wash up on to SR 105.

Erosion protection between mileposts 19.57 and 20.58 on SR 105 is essential and intended to reduce the potential for erosion-related closures at this location.

Needs & benefits

  • Preservation - Protecting and stabilizing the embankment near SR 105 will extend and preserve the infrastructure. 
  • Economic - Stabilizing the embankment reduces the need for costly emergency maintenance repairs and unexpected closures. As well as maintaining this vital corridor between Raymond and Aberdeen.  
  • Safety - Improving the stabilization of the embankment of SR 105 between Raymond and Aberdeen, increases the safety to motorists who use this stretch of highway.


  • Summer 2017: Project goes to competitive bidding
  • Late summer 2017: Construction begins
  • Winter 2018: Project scheduled to be complete

During construction, drivers should anticipate daytime, single-lane closures, with flaggers, on both directions of SR 105, with delays of up to 20 minutes, through the work zone.


Financial Data for PIN 410517E
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $3,653
CWA $0
Total $3,653


Colin Newell
WSDOT Project Engineer

Celeste Dimichina
WSDOT Communications

State Route 105 North Cove vicinity erosion protection project location in Pacific County

Debris washed up on the shoreline, along SR 105, near North Cove.
Debris washed up on the shoreline, along SR 105, near North Cove.