I-90 - Floating Bridges - Replace Anchor Cables - Project diagrams

A diagram illustrating the underwater anchor cables on the I-90 floating bridges. This does not show their precise locations, but shows how they are attached and stretch into the lake.

Anchor cables extend from a floating bridge into the water below to stabilize the structure.

A diagram showing how the anchor cables are connected to an anchor in the lake.

Each anchor cable hooks into an eyebar that is attached to an anchor embedded in the lake floor. The other end of the cable is fed into a pontoon floating on the lake and secured.

A diagram showing which anchor cables on the I-90 floating bridges will be replaced in this project.

This project will replace 32 anchor cables (indicated in orange) on the Interstate 90 floating bridges. Most of the cables being replaced were installed between 1983 and 1991. View a larger version of this diagram: Anchor Cable Replacement Diagram (pdf 383 kb)