I-90 - EB E Sunset Way I/C Vic to 436th Ave SE I/C Vic - Pavement Repair - Complete September 2019


Between spring 2018 and fall 2019, contractor crews from Acme Concrete Paving, Inc. rehabilitated 15-miles of eastbound I-90 between East Sunset Way in Issaquah and 436th Avenue Southeast in North Bend. Crews repaired and replaced broken concrete panels, grinded the top layer of pavement in all lanes to eliminate ruts, and repaved the outside shoulder, along with 10 off- and on-ramps. The eastbound I-90 Winery Road Bridge and westbound I-90 Raging River Bridge were also overlayed with new concrete.

How you benefit

  • Safety: Eliminating ruts and cracks in the pavement reduces the opportunity for water to collect on the roadway, which can reduce traction for vehicles. 
  • Preservation/Economic: Repairing broken concrete panels, grinding and repaving improves the driving surface and preserves the highway structure. This also reduces the need for costly emergency repairs.


The total project cost was $21.7 million.


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