I-5 - Express Lanes Entrances - Electronic Sign Replacement - Complete December 2019


Contractor crews replaced the sign structures and brackets holding new LED signs for the I-5 express lanes. They replaced the original electrical and fiber optic systems at seven entrances because the equipment was more than 50 years old and prone to failure. A few of the structures were redesigned to create a better viewing angle.

Crews also installed or modified barriers around the new sign structures at five of the entrances and restored damaged pedestrian ramps at three of the entrances to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Needs & benefits

Safety: Replacing the electric sign systems and structures increases the reliability of the signs at the I-5 express lanes entrances. Better viewing angles on some of the signs will improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. Restoration of damaged ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps create an easier transition between the streets and the sidewalks.

Economic: Hardware upgrades, including electrical and fiber optic systems and new LED technology signs, reduce the need for emergency repairs, which are costly to taxpayers.


$2.9 million from Connecting Washington.


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