I-5 - SR 510 to SR 512 Congestion Management - Complete August 2016

In an effort to increase I-5 efficiency, new ramp meters were activated (pdf 144kb) along I-5 between State Route 510 and State Route 512. This project also installed "intelligent transportation systems (ITS)" devices between State Routes 510 and 512 that help WSDOT manage traffic and communicate real-time traffic conditions to the public. ITS devices include 7 closed-circuit traffic cameras, 3 variable-message signs and supporting electronic hardware, and travel time signs and data stations. 

How you benefit

Relieves congestion
Ramp meters manage traffic demand by controlling the number of cars that merge onto I-5 when congestion is heavy. This will help keep mainline I-5 moving.

Partnerships & cooperation
WSDOT’s working relationship with the leadership at JBLM – forged over a decade of innovate, cost-effective measures – was the key to unlocking the immediate northbound, morning traffic problem.

In 2010, the two agencies formed the Traffic Circulation Committee – an operations planning team comprised of leaders from JBLM, WSDOT, Washington State Patrol and local municipalities.

The team collectively works together to identify solutions to transportation issues in and around the installation by creating a holistic traffic and gate plan with decision points, milestones, resourcing required, risks, etc. This is all done under the strategy of Moving Washington.

Ensuring that we are moving Washington through this busy corridor is an ongoing effort.


Pre-Existing Funds (PEF): $6,363,000
Tiger III - Federal Funds: $13,281,000
Total: $19,644,000


Contact us
Gaius Sanoy
WSDOT Project Engineer

Claudia Bingham Baker
WSDOT Communications Manager

Thumbnail image of congestion improvements on I-5 between SR 510 to SR 512
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New I-5 ramp meters at JBLM
New ramp meters between SR 510 and SR 512 help maximize I-5 efficiency.