I-5 - SR 510 to SR 512 Congestion Management - Tree Removal Areas

As part of the SR 510 to SR 512 Congestion Management project, contractor crews have removed selected trees along I-5 between SR 510 in Lacey and SR 512 in Lakewood. This work was necessary to install and effectively operate seven new closed-circuit TV traffic cameras to manage traffic flow along I-5 through the JBLM corridor. A clear line of sight is needed for the new cameras to operate properly.

One of our primary goals in any construction project is to preserve as many trees as possible. A team of WSDOT staff, including the Olympic Region Landscape Architect, individually identified and marked each tree to ensure that only trees that posed an obstruction, and no others, were removed. 

WSDOT staff have planted 500 one-gallon-container trees (300 Douglas Firs and 200 Garry Oaks) in other areas throughout the project limits.

To view PDF maps of each location where trees were removed, please browse the list below:

Thurston County
I-5 and SR 510 (Marvin Rd NE) (pdf 271 kb)

Pierce County
I-5 and Mounts Road SW (pdf 216 kb)
I-5 Weigh Station (pdf 289 kb)
I-5 and Center Drive (pdf 237 kb)
I-5 and Thorne Lane SW (pdf 495 kb)
I-5 and Gravelly Lake Drive SW (pdf 551 kb)
I-5 and New York Avenue (pdf 537 kb)