Project Info

I-5 - SB S 320th St to Duwamish River Bridge - Concrete Pavement Rehab - Completed July 2017

We rehabilitated about 13 miles of southbound I-5 between the Duwamish River Bridge in Tukwila and South 320th Street in Federal Way. Starting in spring 2016, crews:

  • Replaced 238 broken concrete panels and ground out cracks and bumps.
  • Repaved 2.7 miles of concrete roadway across five lanes with new asphalt. 
  • Repaved five on-and off-ramps. 
  • Replaced four aging and worn expansion joints on the Duwamish River Bridge.


How you benefit

Improves safety
Rehabilitating this section of southbound I-5 eliminates wheel ruts, cracks and potholes. This reduces the opportunity for water to puddle on the interstate and creates a smoother, safer ride for drivers. Replacing worn out expansion joints on the Duwamish River Bridge reduces the chances that a joint could break and create a hazard for drivers.

Replacing expansion joints also is vital to preserving the integrity and operation of the bridge. The joints allow the bridge to flex with traffic and weather; without them, a bridge could fail. The new expansion joints extend its lifespan.

Economic incentive
Replacing broken concrete panels and repaving this section preserves the underlying layers that support the driving surface, reducing the need for maintenance. It also reduces the need for emergency repairs, which are costly to taxpayers and can cause additional congestion during peak commute hours.
Replacing all the concrete between South 219th and South 188th streets with new asphalt is less expensive than placing all new concrete. 


This project was funded with $27,275,000 in Pre-Existing Funds.


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