I-5 - Mounts Road to Thorne Ln I/C - Corridor Improvements - Proposed Gravelly - Thorne Connector

Gravelly-Thorne Connector

The purpose of the Gravelly - Thorne Connector is to provide the opportunity for local travel between the Tillicum and Woodbrook neighborhoods, and the remainder of the City of Lakewood. 

The initial Gravelly-Thorne Connector proposal included one motor vehicle lane and a shared-use path, to be built in stage 4 of the overall I-5 - Mounts Road to Thorne Lane I/C - Corridor Improvements project.

In the second phase of the overall project, the design-build contractor, Guy F. Atkinson Construction, included in their design a new auxiliary lane to southbound I-5 between Gravelly Lake Drive and Thorne Lane. This new auxiliary lane will provide capacity for traffic entering southbound I-5 at Gravelly Lake Drive and exiting at Thorne Lane or Berkeley Street. Based on traffic analysis, this new addition to the design in stage 2 construction will replace the motor-vehicle lane that was initially included in the Gravelly-Thorne Connector proposal.  

As of July 2019, the new Gravelly-Thorne Connector proposed design now consists of a non-motorized shared use path. The shared use path will provide a much needed pedestrian and bicycle connection to and from Tillicum without having users tresspass on to Sound Transit railroad right-of-way or use the shoulder of I-5. The shared use path will be built so emergency vehicles can use the path as an alternative to I-5 if conditions warrant.

Proposed I-5 Gravelly Thorne Connector

Designs are preliminary and subject to change.

Shared-Use Path

Also included in stage 4 construction is a proposed bicycle and pedestrian path between Lakewood and DuPont, providing a multi-modal option for travel.

A stakeholder engagement process evaluated options and determined that a Shared-Use Path alignment through Lewis North (parallel to roads open to the public) would best meet this need.


Next steps for this stage 4 project include right-of-way acquisition, final design and a competitive bidding process. These activities will proceed based on availability of funding.