I-5 - Mounts Road to Thorne Ln I/C - Corridor Improvements - 2017 Environmental Assessment

On May 23, 2017, WSDOT published a Revised Environmental Assessment (REA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the I-5 JBLM Vicinity Congestion Relief Project. The REA contains the results of our studies on how this project may affect the environment. Comments received on the previously published Environmental Assessment (EA) from agencies and the public were considered in preparing this Revised EA.

The final documents are listed below.

Finding of No Significant Impact, Table of Contents, Acronyms & Glossary  (pdf 364 kb)

Executive Summary (pdf 97 kb)

Chapter 1  Introduction  (pdf 931 kb)

Chapter 2  Setting, Planning and Outreach (pdf 115 kb)

Chapter 3  Description of Alternatives (pdf 1.4 Mb)

Chapter 4  North Study Area Analysis

Chapter 5  South Study Area Analysis (pdf 459 kb)


A.  Environmental Commitments (pdf 41 kb)

B.  Discipline Studies and List of Preparers (pdf 58 kb)

C.  References (pdf 59 kb)

D.  Distribution List (pdf 47 kb)

E.  Agency and Tribal Correspondence (see below)

F.  Public Involvement (pdf 770 kb)

G.  Public Comments and Responses (pdf 3 Mb)

H.  Project Exhibits and Plans (pdf 6.6 Mb)

I. Section 106 Programmatic Agreement (pdf 921 kb)