I-5 - M Street to Portland Avenue - HOV - Pacific Ave and South 32nd Street intersection

Very soon, South 32nd Street will be permanently changed to a one-way only street at the intersection of Pacific Avenue. This change is to reduce the potential for collisions.

Construction will begin shortly and will take place in two phases.

  • In the first phase, crews will install temporary striping, tubular markers and permanent signs. 
  • In the second phase, crews will move drainage, rebuild the sidewalks and install raised curbs on South 32nd Street at Pacific Avenue and South C Street.
  • Construction will occur mainly during daytime hours. There will be some night time construction. Residents will be notified prior to that work taking place.
  • During construction, South 32nd Street between Pacific Avenue and South C Street will close. Residents may need to drive and park near S. C Street and S. Wright Avenue during construction.

A public open house was held on November 16, 2017 to discuss with the neighborhood the proposed options. WSDOT also worked with City of Tacoma officials on the final proposal. Below are graphics that show the existing condition, the two options that were considered, and the final design for the one-way only South 32nd Street.

Existing Condition

Pacific Ave S 32nd St intersection existing condition

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Option 1

Pacific Ave S 32nd St intersection option 1

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Option 2

Option 2

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Final Design

Proposed intersection redesign of Pacific Avenue and South 32nd Street in Tacoma

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