I-5 - NB MLK Jr Way to NE Ravenna Br - Pavement Repair & More - Completed December 2019


We completed major resurfacing and revitalization work on northbound I-5 between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Ravenna Boulevard in Seattle. I-5 is the region’s most critical arterial; this work was necessary because the interstate is more than 50 years old and was in need of restoration. To complete the project, contractor crews:

  • Repaved about two miles of concrete in the  northbound lanes.
  • Ground off ruts in the concrete pavement that were created by more than 50 years of traffic.
  • Replaced 37 expansion joints between Spokane Street and downtown Seattle.
  • Ground and repaved asphalt sections of northbound I-5 in the area.
  • Added pedestrian ramp upgrades at interchanges and made safety barrier improvements.

How you benefit

  • Safety: Replacing concrete, grinding the interstate and repaving sections eliminates the wheel ruts. This creates a smoother driving surface and keeps water from collecting in the tire tracks.
  • Preservation: Repaving, grinding and replacing expansion joints improves the driving surface and extends the interstate’s lifespan.
  • Economic: Major work was done during scheduled lane reductions or at night when there is less traffic on the highway. This allowed travelers to plan ahead and choose alternate routes, adjust travel schedules or change plans. Completing work during scheduled lane reductions and closures also reduces the need for expensive emergency repairs, especially during peak travel hours.


Total funding for this project was about $53 million, from several state funding sources.


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A small map of the pavement repair project along nearly 13 miles of northbound I-5 from Martin Luther King Junior Way South/SR 900 to Northeast Ravenna Boulevard in Seattle.

A small photo of several cracked and patched concrete panels and deteriorated expansion joints on nothbound I-5 through Seattle.

Crews repaired or replaced numerous cracked and patched concrete panels and failing bridge expansion joints on northbound I-5 through Seattle.