I-5 - JBLM Area Improvements

I-5 JBLM Vicinity Congestion Relief Project Environmental Assessment is approved.

On May 23, 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration issued a Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Interstate 5 JBLM Congestion Relief Project.

On October 4, 2016, WSDOT published an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the I-5 - JBLM Vicinity Congestion Relief Project. The EA contains the results of our studies on how this project may affect the environment. The comment period for the environmental assessment was October 17 - November 22, 2016.

In July 2015, the Washington State Legislature included $495 Million for the I-5 Mounts Road to Thorne Lane Interchange - Corridor Improvements project, as part of the Connecting Washington transportation-revenue package. This overall project was broken down into four separate construction projects, listed below:

May 4 Tillicum Open HouseSince September 2015, WSDOT has held numerous community meetings in Lakewood and DuPont. You can view a list of meetings on the projects Public Involvement web page.

Over the past decade, populations in Thurston and Pierce counties have grown exponentially as a result of new residential neighborhoods, new businesses and growth at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. As a result, this has led to increased traffic congestion along Interstate 5.

In recent years, WSDOT, along with local city, county and JBLM officials, have refocused efforts to reduce traffic congestion and improve the existing highway operations (pdf 786 kb). Below is a list of projects that WSDOT and partnering municipalities are jointly working on to improve the flow of traffic along I-5 in Thurston and Pierce counties:

Completed Projects & Studies

I-5 - JBLM Area Improvements - Congestion Relief Study
A joint I-5 corridor planning study involving WSDOT, JBLM and local jurisdictions evaluated the best way to improve transportation through the JBLM vicinity. The planning study identified improvements from Center Drive to Gravelly Lake Drive.

Madigan Access Improvements
A $5.7 million grant was awarded to the city of Lakewood to improve traffic circulation from I-5 toward Madigan Army Medical Center.

I-5 - SR 510 to SR 512 Congestion Management
WSDOT installed ITS devices in Thurston and Pierce counties. The ITS devices help WSDOT manage traffic and communicate real-time traffic conditions to the public. This project also establishes an auxiliary lane on southbound I-5 in Lakewood between Thorne Lane and Berkeley Street to accommodate the high volumes of traffic that use the exit.

I-5 - SR 510 to SR 512 ITS & Ramp Revisions
WSDOT installed ITS devices, which help WSDOT manage traffic and communicate real-time traffic conditions to the public. This project also revised the I-5 Center Drive interchange in DuPont, allowing for continued use from JBLM.

I-5 - SR 510 to SR 512 ITS Fiber Improvements
This project was preparatory to installing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) devices, which help WSDOT manage traffic flow and communicate real-time traffic conditions to the public and media.

I-5 Nisqually Road SW/JBLM Mounts Road Gate - Signal
This project provided turn lanes and installed a new traffic signal on Old Nisqually Road at the JBLM Mounts Road Gate. These improvements allow drivers to exit JBLM from this gate.