I-5 - NB S 260th St to Duwamish River Br - Concrete Pavement Rehab & ADA - Completed October 2019


We repaved northbound I-5 between South 260th Street in Kent to the Duwamish River in Tukwila to preserve the interstate, which is the most important transportation route in the region. Contractor crews:

  • Replaced about 440 broken concrete panels.
  • Repaved about four miles of all lanes with asphalt between SR 516 and South 178th Street.
  • Replaced eight expansion joints at Interurban Avenue and the Duwamish River.
  • Rehabilitated the Interurban Avenue and Duwamish River bridge decks.
  • Ground off ruts in the concrete pavement that were created by more than 50 years of traffic.

How you benefit

  • Safety: Repaving and grinding the interstate eliminates potholes and prevents future potholes and crack from developing. Eliminating the wheel ruts creates a smoother driving surface and keeps water from collecting in the tire tracks.
  • Preservation: Repaving, grinding and replacing expansion joints improves the driving surface and extends the interstate’s lifespan.
  • Economic: Completing this work during scheduled lane reductions reduces the need for emergency repairs, which are more expensive than scheduled repairs. Emergency repairs also create additional congestion, especially during peak commute hours.
  • Repaving the 4-mile section of the interstate with asphalt instead of concrete is less expensive and less disruptive than replacing all of the concrete panels.


2003 gas tax: $35.3 million
Pre-existing funds: 4.1 million


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