I-405 - Northbound Peak Use Shoulder Lane Project, SR 527 to I-5 - Noise Wall Information

As part of this project, WSDOT proposes building one new noise wall designed to reduce noise for neighboring residences. 

The new noise wall will be located within the WSDOT right of way, just east of northbound I-405. The noise wall will start near 2nd Drive Southeast/Richmond Road and will extend north parallel to Bartlett Road, just past 202nd Street Southeast.

The new noise wall will be approximately 9 feet in height when standing at the WSDOT right of way line.

Noise wall locator map

The amount of noise reduction neighbors may experience will depend on the height and length of the wall at their particular location, as well as the distance and elevation between homes and the wall. Neighbors closest to the noise wall will experience the greatest reductions in noise.