Puget Sound Gateway Program - Maps

Puget Sound Gateway Program Map

The SR 167 and SR 509 extensions will complete the missing highway system links to I-5 that offer commuter and freight mobility benefits through added capacity and improved connectivity.

A map of the Gateway program projects with traffic directions


SR 167 Completion Project Map

The SR 167 Completion Project will build the remaining four miles of SR 167 between Meridian and I-5, completing a long-planned connection to I-5. The project also includes a two-mile connection from I-5 to the Port of Tacoma.

A map of the stages of the SR 167 completion project overlaid over a satellite image of the project area.


SR 509 Completion Project Map

The SR 509 Completion Project will extend SR 509 to I-5 near Tukwila add a southern access point to Sea-Tac International Airport, and improve service between industrial districts by allowing general purpose traffic and trucks to bypass I-5, SR 99, and local streets.

A map of the stages of the SR 509 completion project