Traveler Information Data Use Policy

We recognize the traveler information we provide to the public fills a critical public safety role especially during times of inclement weather, disasters, and other emergencies that impact traffic.

This information (including but not limited to traffic cameras and flow data) was developed to provide data for WSDOT traffic engineers to better manage traffic on our highways. Secondarily, we are happy to share this information with the public so you can make informed travel decisions. 

When other sites use our traffic images and scrape other data, our servers are still having to generate that data across the WSDOT network. This reduces the ability of our Web site to function and fill this critical public safety role.

To display WSDOT content, data or camera images on your site requires an agreement.

The decision to grant permission is based on WSDOT's sole discretion.

How is the decision made?
If the service you provide does not demonstrate added business value, the request will be denied.

In order to be granted access to display our camera images and/or data, you must have developed an application that offers unique features and makes it easy for people to see if there are related construction closures, incidents or other problems.