Acceptable Use of the Save a Spot Reservation Web Sites

The Acceptable Use policy below describes how you may and may not use the Save A Spot reservations web site and reflects the current policy of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and Washington State Ferries (WSF). All policies concerning the use of WSDOT online tools and web sites can be found at These policies may change at any time.

If you cannot comply with the policy set out below, you should not use the Save A Spot reservations web site. When you access or use the web site, you are affirmatively indicating your agreement with this Acceptable Use policy. We reserve the right to terminate your access to this web site without notice if we determine that you have violated this policy.

The Save A Spot reservations program has been developed to provide the broadest possible access to space on WSF vessels to the largest number of customers. Customers include people with limited access to Internet services, who typically acquire reservations by telephone. Space on individual sailings is made available to the public according to a predetermined schedule based on input from ferry-served communities and the operational experience of WSF. All customers of WSF must enjoy equal access to available reservation space.

As a user of this web site, you agree:

  • To respect the rules and policies established by WSDOT and WSF for the fair access to the products and services offered here.
  • That products and services available through this web site will not be manipulated, traded or re-sold.
  • That you will not employ automated processes, including but not limited to Internet "bots," to simulate the actions of a human being making a reservation on the site in order to evade controls and measures of the Save A Spot program.
  • That you will not purposefully interfere with the normal operation of the web site, nor consume compute resources of the web site by simulating the actions of a human being making a reservation.
  • That you will not represent yourself as an agent of WSDOT based on information you gain from using the web site.
  • That you will not encourage or offer remuneration to any third party to violate this Acceptable Use policy.
  • That you will not knowingly disclose your account information or other protected Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or payment card information to third parties in order to evade controls and measures of the Save A Spot program.
  • That if you violate any of terms of this Acceptable Use policy, you may forfeit all future access to the resources on this web site, and that any products or services you have acquired through this web site may be forfeited.