Local Agency General Special Provisions (GSPs)

For use with the latest published edition (2021) of the WSDOT/APWA Standard Specifications

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Here is a log of recent changes/additions to the Local Agency GSPs.

Regardless of which download method you choose, it is critical that you check the index (see Item 1 below) for guidelines on:

  • When to use each GSP, including which of several Options for one GSP
  • Which GSPs must be used together
  • Which GSPs may not be used on FHWA funded projects
  • What to use for fill-ins (shown as $$1$$ in the GSP -- insert the appropriate text after you download)

You have four choices for downloading the Local Agency (APWA) GSPs. All are kept up to date with the latest GSPs:

  1. Go to the GSP Index and download individual GSPs:
    Division 1 Index, General Requirements (Last revised 6/24/2021)
    Division 2-9 Indices (Last Revised 7/18/2018)

    "Right Click"
    on the GSP number from the index and choose "Save Target As", or
    To review it first, open it in Internet Explorer, then use the File/Save As commands.
  2. Go to the FTP site and choose the Local Agency GSPs you want. (You can choose multiple files at once, but they only show the Standard Specification Section Number, without the title, or any directions.) Example: 1-04.6 Option A.RTF.

  3. Download a zip file with all the Local Agency GSPs combined.

  4. Use the WSDOT PS&E Word Program to compile Contract Provisions. This program now includes the Local Agency GSPs. Reminders:
    If you use this program, make sure you use the Local Agency Special Provisions Introduction GSP, NOT the WSDOT Introduction GSP.

    Once you download this program, you will need to manually update it periodically with the latest Amendments, WSDOT GSPs, and Local Agency GSPS - either by unloading and re-downloading the entire program, or by downloading specific Amendments/GSPs, and using them to replace the void versions in the program's library on your computer. Please e-mail John Ho for assistance on updating your files, or call him 360-705-7383.

A few extra notes regarding the GSP files:

  • When the Local Agency GSPs revise only a part of a paragraph(s) in a section of the WSDOT/APWA Standard Specifications, the entire paragraph is repeated, with new text underlined for clarity, and deleted text crossed out. When the entire paragraph or section is revised, underlines are not used.
  • GSP files are in Rich Text Format (RTF), to retain formatting with most word processing software programs.

More information about the Local Agency (APWA) GSPs:

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