Litter on State Highways

The problem with litter

During a two-year period, WSDOT disposed of 6,075 tons of litter and debris from roadsides across the state. The Department of Ecology estimates another 4,400 tons were collected on state and county roads during this time.

Cost of litter control for state highways

WSDOT spends more than $3 million annually to pick up and dispose of litter statewide. This includes:

  • Pick up and disposal of litter bags
  • Pick up and disposal of large debris, such as furniture, tires and dead animals
  • Payments to the Department of Corrections crews for litter pick up
  • Administration of the Adopt-a-Highway program

WSP issues fines to people who litter.

RCWs for litter issues

  • RCW 70.93 Waste Reduction, recycling, and model litter control act
  • RCW 47.40.100 State Adopt-A-Highway program