Maintaining vegetation along our highways

Our crews take care of the vegetation along the roadside to help travelers see signs, traffic and wildlife and to remove potentially hazardous trees, to control non-native species and to establish desirable native plant communities. Nurturing desirable native plants reduces maintenance and herbicide costs as they grow without constant care. Adding to the natural beauty found in Washington also controls weeds that could impact farming or native ecosystems including pollinators .

Roadside design and construction
Improving the soil and choosing the correct plant mix are priorities following construction activities where there is disturbance to the roadside. Keeping the greenery around our highways healthy and safe starts during the design and construction of a new or existing roadway. For information on how WSDOT design and builds roadsides see Roadside and Site Development .

How do we manage the roadside vegetation?
An integrated roadside vegetation management plan (IRVM) is a "how to" guide for the best way to manage roadsides throughout Washington. The plans, including prescribed methods and timing, vary by location due to the diverse climates and surrounding land uses.

What we do to maintain vegetation:



For more information on maintenance of roadside vegetation, contact Ray Willard at (360) 705-7865.