Regional engineer contacts for local programs

We work in cooperation with, and through, the regional Local Programs Offices. There are six Regional Local Programs offices in each region of the state. They are the direct link with local agencies and partners such as tribal governments, ports and transit. The primary responsibility of the regional office is to manage the federal and state funds available in a manner that allows the agencies to be successful in their transportation endeavors. At the same time, the region staff assist agencies in their compliance with program requirements.

Regional Local Programs Engineers work closely with public works staff, engineering staff, and elected officials. They guide, counsel, and collaborate with these agencies on project scoping, funding, design, environmental documentation, construction, and project closure. The Local Programs Engineers also ensure representation of and advocacy for each agency's transportation concerns, interests, and needs to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Eastern Region


Local Programs Engineer
Keith Martin, PE
(509) 324-6080

North Central Region

Local Programs Engineer
Brian Pearson, PE
(509) 667-3090

Northwest Region

Local Programs Engineer 
Mehrdad Moini
(206) 440-4734

Olympic Region

Local Programs Engineer
Bryan Dias
(360) 357-2631

South Central Region

Local Programs Engineer
Randy Giles, PE
(509) 577-1780

Southwest Region

Local Programs Engineer
Michael Williams
(360) 905-2182