Certification Acceptance (CA) guidance for local agencies

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through a Stewardship Agreement, delegates authority to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for approving project development and construction administration. WSDOT has the option of delegating some or all of this authority to qualified local agencies, state or federal agencies, or Tribal governments. This procedure permits an agency to retain more of the approval authority at the local level when developing FHWA assisted transportation projects. WSDOT delegates this authority through a Certification Acceptance (CA) program. The CA program allows a local agency to save time and money, since the agency has the authority to develop, advertise, award and manage its own projects.

LAG Chapter 13 – Certification Acceptance Program (pdf 418 kb) - provides CA program requirements, the application process and compliance procedures.

Inter-local Agreement

Not all agencies have the resources within their organization to gain CA status. When that occurs Non-CA agencies are encouraged to work with CA agencies in order to comply with the federal requirements to receive federal funding.

To effectively setup this kind of relationship, an inter-local agreement that includes appropriate protections for both agencies is recommended.

Example Inter-local Agreement (pdf 26kb) - an example between Kitsap County (a CA agency) and Kitsap Transit (a non-CA agency). It provides an excellent example of how to incorporate the elements and clarify the responsibilities contained in a CA agreement and how they may be appropriately shared. Our thanks to Kitsap County and Kitsap Transit for sharing this document.

Local CA Agencies (pdf 21 kb) – list of local CA approved agencies.

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