BridgeWorks.NET - Bridge inspection and reporting software

BridgeWorks.Net (WSBIS) is free software developed by WSDOT and provided to Local Agencies for bridge and structure asset management. This is the preferred method for the recording of Agency bridge inventory and inspection data required by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for submittal to the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) database.

Get Local Agency BridgeWorks.NET

Before installing, please check the System Requirements.


System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • Windows Operating System or Compatible
  • 5 GB (gigabytes) free space on hard drive
  • 2 GB (gigabyte) RAM or more
  • 1.6 GHz Pentium Processor equivalent or better

Network Requirements

  • DSL or Cable internet connection or faster, 140 kilobits per second or better is recommended
  • The installation files can be large. Please allot sufficient time for downloading.

Required Software
With links to free downloads that needs to be installed prior to installing BridgeWorks

  • .NET Framework 4 Extended
  • SQL Server 2014 Express Edition (Engine Only). This can be found on the ftp site.

Required Administrative Rights for permissions to access your computer


Download and review the WSBIS Installation PDF file from our FTP site. This document will inform you of the minimum computer requirements and help you decide which Edition (Office or Field) will best suit your needs. Review the applicable section carefully for your particular install and only download the necessary files.

Contact Larry Veden at 509-766-7309, our Local Agency Bridge Inventory Engineer, for help with your Bridge Works installation. 

Setup an Account

New users: Contact Roman Peralta at 360-705-7870 to setup an account once BridgeWorks has been installed.

Technical Support

For technical assistance contact Larry Veden or Roman Peralta.