Good To Go! Account Basics

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What’s a Good To Go! account?

Good To Go! account is the cheapest and easiest way to pay tolls. You’ll never have to stop at a toll booth or worry about bills in the mail.

With a Good To Go! account and pass you'll save $2 each trip. Good To Go! works on all toll roads in Washington.  

Good To Go! is managed by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

How to open an account:

How much will I save?

When you have a Good To Go! account and pass, you’ll save $2 every time you use a toll road. So if you make five round trips a week, you could save about $1000 a year.

How do accounts work?

You will need to open a Pay As You Go account linked to a credit card, or a pre-paid account where you'll need to pre-pay $30 to cover future tolls, and the cost of any passes you may choose to purchase. The pre-paid account can be automatically refilled when the balance gets low. Learn more about auto pay and other payment options

When opening your account, you can buy a Good To Go! pass to pay the lowest rate on every toll road. If you add a car to your account without buying a Good To Go! pass for it, you’ll be charged an extra 25-cents per trip.

How much does a Good To Go! pass cost?

Passes cost $5 to $15 plus tax, depending on what kind of pass you choose to buy. See our Choose a Pass page.

The cost of the passes is deducted from your account balance.

How many cars can I put on my account?

You can add up to six vehicles on your Good To Go! account.

Not enough for you? Consider opening a commerical account. There is no limit to the number of vehicles allowed on commercial accounts. 

How do I keep my account up to date?

It’s your responsibility to keep your Good To Go! account up to date. Here are step-by-step account maintenance  instructions on common tasks like updating your contact information, payment preferences, or adding new vehicles.

If you move, sell a car, or buy a new vehicle don’t forget to update your vehicle registration with Department of Licensing, too; we both need to know.

If you sell a vehicle, do not leave the license plates on it! If you do, you will be charged any tolls incurred by the new owner. Learn your options to properly dispose of old plates.

What other kinds of accounts are there?

Learn more about commercial accounts.

You may also set up an anonymous account at a customer service center. No personally identifying information is required, but pre-paid funds cannot be refunded.

Are there any other fees?

We do not charge any fees for creating, maintaining, or closing your account. Some people choose to pay extra for paper statements in the mail, but that’s uncommon. Email statements are free.
Terms and conditions (pdf 185 kb)

How do I close my account?
Customers may close their account at any time and receive a full refund of the remaining balance. There is no account-closing fee. To close your account, either select 'close my account' under the "Profile & Contacts" page on your dashboard, or fill out the Request to Close Account (pdf 113 kb) form and return it to Good To Go!

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