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  • Is your card wearing out? Bar code not reading? Here’s how to replace your worn out ReValue Card.
    WSF will reprint your card for no charge. Contact us at and give us your bar code number, name and contact information and we can reprint your card. When we reprint, your worn card will no longer work, so help us coordinate the best time to turn off your old card and mail you a new one.
    Thank you for being a part of our ReValue program and if you have any questions, please contact us at our Wave2Go email address above or call our Information staff at (206) 464-6400.
  • How will I know if a ticket has been used?
    A ticket lookup function is available at staffed tollbooths, the kiosks, and over the web. This will tell you if a ticket has been used or not. In addition, when the ticket is used, a display screen outside the booth will show how many available rides remain. If you scan through the turnstile, it will also show remaining rides. On the web, click on the Wave2Go buy tickets banner from our home page. Click on the green buy now button and you’ll be in our store. On the left margin, find the “TICKET LOOKUP” space where it says, “Enter Bar Code Here…”. Type in your number from the top of your bar code and then click “Submit”. This will display the number of rides available on your ticket.
  • How long is my ticket good for?
    Single-use, full fare tickets are valid for 90 days from purchase. Multi-ride or Commuter Convenience Cards are also valid for 90 days from purchase. Monthly passes are good from the first to the last day of the month. ReValue Card rides are also good for 90 days from the purchase date or when they replenish.
  • I am unable to go through the turnstile, what do I do?
    Terminals have ADA accessible gates that are wheelchair friendly. The ADA gate is a wide swing gate located with the turnstiles. Anyone who is not able to easily pass through the turnstiles may use the ADA gate. For example, anyone in a wheelchair, disabled with attendant, parent with stroller, passenger with luggage or packages.
  • What if my ticket/pass is lost or stolen?
    If you signed up for ReValue, we can stop any further use of your ticket/pass and reissue a new one with the residual value intact. Call Customer Service at 206-464-6400 or 1-888-808-7977. Do not cancel your card; we can not reprint the card if you do.
  • Can a pass be laminated?
    No. Laminating the pass will destroy the barcode due to heat exposure. Alternatively, the pass may be placed in a plastic sleeve for protection.
  • What does "non-transferable", mean?
    When you purchase a monthly passenger pass, it is considered for your personal use only. "Non-transferable" means you may not give or loan it to another person for their use. If your travel plans require passage for more than one person, a multi-ride ticket can be scanned for multiple fares, based on the remaining value on the ticket.
  • Do I buy two tickets for my trip to Orcas?
    Wave2Go tickets from Anacortes to the San Juan Islands are round trip. Buy the appropriate fare for example, vehicle and driver, for one person driving a car. Then have that scanned at Anacortes, when you leave the islands to return to Anacortes, there is no need to scan another ticket.
  • Do I wait in line even if I have a ticket?
    If you’re walking on, proceed directly to the turnstiles for boarding. There may still be lines during peak travel periods for vehicles, but your Wave2Go ticket will speed your boarding. Your Wave2Go product is not a reservation and does not guarantee boarding.
  • Can I use my Debit Card at the Kiosk?
    Yes, you may use Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards to purchase tickets at the kiosk.
  • Can I copy my Wave2Go tickets?
    Yes, you can copy and share your bar-coded tickets. Be aware that anyone can scan rides from a copied ticket or multi-ride card and your ticket will be reduced one ride. So, only share with those you trust. The one ticket that cannot be copied or shared is the Monthly pass. The monthly pass is good for the calendar month purchased and allows for 31 round trips (62 trips on the Port Townsend/Coupeville route). The Monthly pass is nontransferable, nonreproducible, and is intended for a single user.
  • I have a ReValue Multi-Ride card, and when I look at my history I can’t always see my scans.
    Ticket usage records will usually show your scans in order. However, when a ticket is scanned during a time when the device or terminal is off line, that ride is recorded back on the very first record. This can be confusing as our ReValue customers continue to build on their history with each usage and replenishment. If you have concerns about an extra scan or being short a ride, check each page of your history thoroughly.
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PrintAtHome Wave2Go

  • What is PrintAtHome?
    PrintAtHome is an option available through Wave2Go that allows you to order tickets online. The tickets are then sent to you by e-mail, and you print them at your convenience from your computer and printer. Your tickets will have a barcode on them that will be scanned at the terminal before boarding the ferry. Having your single ride tickets, Multi-Ride Commuter Card, Senior/Disabled Convenience Card or Monthly Pass pre-printed will save you time when you arrive at the ferry terminal.

How Does it Work?

When you choose a PrintAtHome ticket, you will see a confirmation screen at the end of your order. The Order Confirmation screen will have a confirmation number (starting with the date of purchase) and summarizes your purchase.
Next, check your email IN box for a subject line that says, "Wave2Go Web Store Order". This will be the email containing your purchase/tickets attached as an Adobe PDF.
Open the attachment and print the tickets from your computer printer.
TIP: Be certain that your e-mail provider does not block messages with attachments. In order to successfully use this ticket it must be printed as sent - full 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Please be sure to carefully fold the paper.

  • What do I need to PrintAtHome?
    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have it, you can download it free at ADOBE . Any inkjet or laser printer with a resolution on 300 dpi or more can print your tickets. (Check your printer’s manual if you’re not sure).
    Use 8.5” x 11” plain white paper. Be sure to let the ink dry before handling the printed ticket near the barcode.
  • Is PrintAtHome available for all fares?
    Vehicles over 22 feet long or more than 7’6” tall are required to pay at the tollbooth. There are several types of general fares available through the web store but WSF needs the exact measurements of over-length or over-height vehicles to ensure that the correct fare is charged.
  • Can I print or copy my ticket.
    The barcode on your ticket is what allows boarding. Anyone with the barcode can use your ticket, so treat it as if it was cash or a credit card. Effective June 15, 2014, ticket sellers will no longer enter the 18-digit barcode for customers who do not have the printed ticket in hand at the tollbooth.
  • If I don’t receive my tickets via e-mail?
    Contact us at or call Customer Service at 1-888-808-7977 and we can help you with your order. That’s why we recommended printing or saving your Order Confirmation e-mail.
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