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How many business charge cards can I order and how do I order?

Each business will be different. Below are a few ideas:

  • If you have a set fleet of vehicles that travel for your business, then order one card for each vehicle.
  • For those businesses with a static staff of employees that travel on our ferries, you can order a card for each employee.
  • If your business needs change day to day, then you may have a set of business cards that are managed at your office and you distribute them on a daily basis as needed.

Don't forget to plan for your busiest travel periods when you may need more cards than normal.

Can a single fare ticket be purchased?
Yes, along with multi-ride cards and monthly passes. You’ll find a variety of products available to purchase with your charge account and print these tickets on your office computer printer. The only product not available is the ReValue. ReValue cards require a credit card form of payment. You may buy ReValue cards from our consumer side of the web store.

What happens if I lose my charge card?
Lost or stolen business charge cards can be shut off by logging into your online business account to “inactivate” the lost card number. You can then order one or more cards or, one card to replace the lost card.

May I use my charge card at a turnstile?
No. Only pre-purchased passenger tickets may bypass the tollbooth and go directly to the turnstile. All business charges must be processed through a staffed vehicle or passenger tollbooth.

How do I buy an online ticket that fits my commercial vehicle?
To buy a ticket online at our Business Web store you will need to measure the length and height of your truck (including any cargo you are transporting). For your convenience, WSF offers the below length-based vehicle fares on our Business Web store for your purchase:

  • Vehicle/Driver 20 Ride cards - for those business customers whose vehicles are under 22' in length and under 7' 2" in height who travel frequently and wish to take advantage of the discounted product.
  • Vehicle/Driver (single ride) - for those business customers whose vehicles are under 22' in length and under 7' 2" in height who travel infrequently.
  • Commercial Under 30' (Over 7' 2") - for those business customers whose vehicles are 22' to under 30' in length and over 7' 2" in height.
  • Commercial Under 40' - for those business customers whose vehicles are 30' to under 40' in length and any height.

You must arrive at the tollbooth with the correct ticket purchased from the web. If you do not have the correct ticket, then you will be required to either:

  1. buy a new ticket using cash or credit card, or
  2. if you have your WSF Business Account card, you may give that to the seller to exchange your ticket for the correct length/height.

WSF Terminal staff does not have access to your account number. Please have your Business Wave2Go Account card with you at all times.