Design - Traffic Design - Signals, Illumination and ITS

Design Standards

Additional Support Files – Please contact for current versions of files

  • WSDOT ITS Device Naming
  • NW ITS Design Requirements
  • NW Current Practices in Electrical Design
  • Interim Detail Files (PDF and DGN) – Require WSDOT Microstation Resources to view/print .dgn versions (WSDOT CAE Resources):
    • ED-F1: Warning Beacon Detail – FB Pole Mounted
    • ED-F3: School Zone Beacon Detail – FB Pole Mounted
    • ED-F4: Warning Beacon Detail – Double Post
    • ED-F5: Warning Beacon Detail – FB Pole on Side Barrier
    • ED-F6: Warning Beacon Detail – FB Pole on Median Barrier
    • ITD-S1: Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) System
    • ITD-S2: Electronic Surveillance (Data Station)
    • ITD-S3: Highway Advisory Radio Sign (HARS) System
    • ITD-F1: LED Sign Mounting Detail
    • Ramp Meter Signing Guidance – Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 (PDF Only)

Federal Standards and Protocols

System Design Training 

Construction Inspection Training



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