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What is Landscape Architecture?
The American Society of Landscape Architects appropriately describes landscape architecture as "the art and science of analysis, planning, design, management, preservation and rehabilitation of the land." The WSDOT Landscape Architecture staff shares a commitment to achieving a balance between preservation, use, restoration and management of resources within the Department. Landscape Architects carry through this commitment with environmental stewardship, innovative ideas, use of new technology, and the integration and balance of community values with transportation goals. 

What is a Landscape Architect’s Role at WSDOT?
Our roles are diverse and complex and can span over different phases of a project (Planning, Design, Construction, Plant Establishment and Maintenance). WSDOT Landscape Architects provide expertise and technical services with regard to roadside development, public art, erosion control, stormwater management, wetland and other environmental mitigation, soil bioengineering, urban & community forestry, vegetation management, and visual quality.

What is the role of the Roadside and Site Development Section at WSDOT?
The Roadside and Site Development Section provides leadership and services in project development, policy, research, training, analysis, and technical expertise for effective roadside management and project delivery in a way that integrates WSDOT facilities into the natural and built environment, preserves ecosystem and cultural resources, and promotes livable, healthy communities that are able to adapt to a changing climate.
The Roadside and Site Development Section provide subject expertise in roadside issues and provide on-call technical assistance to internal and external customers and the public:

  • Contract development for planting, contour grading, irrigation, etc.
  • Mitigation of wetlands, streams, steep slopes and other sensitive areas
  • Erosion control and water quality treatment facilities
  • Context Sensitive Solutions and Complete Streets
  • Visual quality assessment for environmental documents and visual element coordination and treatment
  • Water quality treatment (soils and vegetation)
  • Climate impacts preparation and adaptation
  • Pedestrian space and circulation
  • Vegetation and soil improvements
  • Materials for the roadside (soils, compost, fertilizer, plant material, erosion control materials)

Juli Hartwig, PLA
Roadside and Site Development Manager
Phone: (360) 705-7242