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Roadside and Site Development

 I-90 looking towards Keechelus Lake Roadside Policy Statement
The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) recognizes roadsides as an asset.

WSDOT manages roadsides by balancing operational and environmental functions and lowest lifecycle cost consistent with a reliable, safe, and sustainable transportation system. 
I-90 looking toward Keechelus Lake

The Roadside and Site Development Section is part of the WSDOT Development Division, providing leadership, specialized expertise and development services to WSDOT headquarters and regional offices on issues related to roadside and site development, landscape architecture, visual resources, context sensitive design, environmental mitigation, vegetation and plant establishment, and climate change adaptation.

This office leads in developing roadside policy and assures that roadside policies are implemented and roadside functions are achieved using a consistent and coordinated approach statewide. It provides the primary resource for landscape architectural services to regions and modes that do not have Landscape Architectural staff (east side regions, rail, ferries, and facilities). This section also provides services to and other state and local agencies and the public.

For more information on the Roadside and Site Development services, please see Roadside and Site Development - About Us

Juli Hartwig, PLA
Roadside and Site Development Manager
Phone: (360) 705-7242