Design - Right of Way Plans

Right of Way Plans office is part of the WSDOT HQ Development Division, providing technical support in the disciplines of right of way plan development and Survey Support to WSDOT headquarters and regional offices. 

Right of Way Plans provides Real Estate Services the right of way documentation needed to secure or dispose of property rights for the safe operation of highway infrastructure.

Survey Support provides guidance in survey equipment and software, field procedures, survey documentation and report writing to keep crews and office personnel efficient in current software and hardware technology.  They also provide varying degrees of technical support to other state and local agencies.

Right of Way/Survey Support Material

Requesting right of way plans
Right of way plans sheets are available through the public disclosure request process .
When requesting a right of way plan sheet, provide the plan title or project vicinity, township, range, section, milepost, or known cross streets.

For a list of right of way plans titles by highway, visit Active right of way plans .
To locate township, range, section, milepost and cross streets, use the WSDOT GeoPortal Map.

For more information on public disclosure and common questions, visit Public Disclosure .

Once you have received the right of way plan sheet, you can contact the Right of Way Plans office with any questions or concerns.

State Survey Manager & Right of Way Plans Supervisor
Jeff Donahue

Right of Way Plans Reviewer
Steve Westby

Right of Way Plans Reviewer
Mark Williams