Design - Project Development - Training

The Development Division is home to a number of design training resources available to employees. These training classes continuously evolve and are listed below.

Design Manual eLearning for Division 11
Project Management elearning
Project Management Training Path
WSDOT DES: Design Manual (LMS)
WSDOT DES: Cost Estimating (LMS)
WSDOT Project Development Glossary (pdf 1.14 mb)

WSDOT Project Development Training Newsletters

October 2021 (pdf 1.79 mb)
September 2021 (pdf 1.68 mb)
August 2021 (pdf 1.59 mb)
July 2021 (pdf 1.2 mb)
June 2021 (pdf 985 kb)
May 2021 (pdf 2.0 mb)
April 2021 (pdf 1.6 mb)
March 2021 (pdf 2.2 mb)
February 2021 (pdf 2.2 mb)


WSDOT Project Development Training specialty groups (pdf 475 kb)

Design Courses Training Matrix (pdf 201 kb)

Engineering Training Tool (xlsm 771kb)

Computer Aided Engineering
Survey Support
Access & Hearings Training
Design Documentation Training (pdf 4.54 mb)
Practical Solutions Training

Local Programs (LTAP) - Practical Design using the Basis of Design

Design Training Contacts
Carol Stovall
Darlene Sharar