Design - Project Development - Plans, specifications and estimates quality management

The Quality Management Office provides guidance and technical support for design-bid-build PS&E quality management. The guidance provided here supports documentation to enhance quality management initiatives for project activities within the design-bid-build environment.

This process is a value added initiative to establish statewide standards of quality and limit unnecessary project schedule and budget overruns, and to identify strategies to limit project risk using scalable project quality and constructability criteria.

Design Guidance Memorandum

WSDOT is committed to producing quality contract documents. New processes and tools have been established in accordance with Project Development Memo #17-01 (pdf 99 kb) to support an updated philosophy regarding the importance of producing quality PS&E’s.

Region Quality Plan

  • Region develops Quality Plan

Project Quality Plan

  • RQPs identify projects that will develop a Project Quality Plan

Best Quality Practices Library

  • HQ Design Maintains a Best Quality Practices library for use by Regions in achieving quality products


Region Quality Plans

  • Northwest
  • North Central
  • Olympic
  • Southwest (pdf 658 kb) 
  • South Central
  • Eastern (pdf 2.8 mb)
  • WSF

Region Performance Reports


12 month Engineer's Estimate Accuracy

Region Performance Bid


  •  Emergency Contracts
  • Ferry System Contracts
  • Design-Build Contracts 

Additional resources to aid in design-bid build projects