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Example Estimates
The estimates available here have been submitted by each Region as good "Typical" examples of a project type.

Each example is comprised of Standard & Non-Standard Bid Items that may be contained in a typical estimate for the type of project each of these examples represent.

These estimates are presented here for you to use as Starter Estimate templates, Examples available for Project Types:

  • Guardrail
  • Signals (new)
  • Structures / Bridges
  • Safety
  • Signing
  • BST
  • Fish Passage
  • Paving

View or copy the types of contracts for different types of projects (xls 811 kb)

Estimate Tools

  • EBASE - Bid Items Tab has tools for Unit Bid History and Specification information for entered Standard Bid Items.
  • UBA - Unit Bid Analysis Tool - Historical low bid history for Standard Items.
  • Bid Tabs Pro - This bid history analysis tool for Standard and Non-Standard bid items used in WSDOT projects. This extremely versatile analysis tool can be uploaded and using data from excel files to start an estimate. See the Bid Tabs Plus section for a detailed instruction manual.

Tomi Hume-Pontius
Support Systems Engineer