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The Quantity Tabulation application is an excel based application for the creation of quantity tabulation and structure notes sheets. Please see the disclaimer and other important information about warranty, assumption of risk and indemnification.

Installation of Quantity Tabulations
Use at your own risk. WSDOT is not liable for any problems encountered resulting from the use of this application. WSDOT will provide tech support for use of the application in the creation of Quantity Tabulation workbook files, but will not troubleshoot software/hardware compatibility issues on PC's or systems outside the WSDOT network.

Requirements for Qtabs Version 2.0.1 for Office 365

Requirements for Qtabs Version 2.1.0:

  • Windows 7 / Office 2010
  • Enable macros in Excel Properties
  • All files must be saved in XLSM format

Requirements for Qtabs Version 2.0:

  • Windows XP
  • Enable macros in Excel Properties
  • All files must be saved in XLSM format

Please Note:

  • WINDOWS 7 and Office 365 Users Download version 2.0.10.
  • Version 2.0 has limited backwards compatibility with version 1.4.
  • Microsoft 2003 objects (i.e textboxes) are not transferable to 2007.

Download version 2.0
Download version 2.0.10 (Windows7 and Office 365 Only)

Do not attempt to use QTABS Version 2.0 to revise QTABS created in earlier versions.

Contact your workstation support for access to CITRIX 2003 Desktop and use the QTABS V1.6 in the virtual environment to revise older QTABS projects.

To use the QTABS application, Macros Must Be Enabled.  Additionally, you must always save your QTABS workbook as an .XLSM format.

QTABS VERSION 2.1.0 for use with Windows7/ Office 2010 is now available. Please contact your Workstation Support for installation.

If you have qtabs created on older versions of excel, please use the Qtabs available on Citrix.

The application and information provided here is for the convenience of local agencies and private firms.

WSDOT personnel, please use the shortcut in your Start menu to access this application. 

Documents and users guides

Use the Quantity Tabulation Excel Spreadsheet (xls 47 kb) if you are unable to install the above applications.

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