Design - Project Development - Oman Data Errors

The most common cause for data reports returning incorrect item costs is obsolete Data.

The Oman Systems data tables are updated weekly with the most current Bid results. They are available for download at anytime. To view, download or update the Bid Tabs Pro software (pdf 1.1 mb)

A known data error occurs when an Add-On description is present for the bid item.

The Oman Systems Data files only pick up the Add-on description from the first project in their database, it then applies that description to all bid items associated with the same Standard Item number.

  • The most noticeable of these incorrectly labeled items are the HMA items, such as HMA CL. 1/2 IN.
  • Shown below in figure 1, is an example of a project that actually had HMA CL. 1/2 IN. PG 58-22 entered and shown in the estimate, but the Oman data displays HMA 1/2 IN. PG 70-28.

With these items, the PG rating has a negligible effect on the overall cost of the HMA, the important factors to focus on for item cost are:

  • Quantity
  • Location
  • Conditions (Urban, Rural, time of year, etc.)

To ensure that the correct bid history is present for your estimate, limit your item reporting to EAST or WEST side Counties depending on project location.

To query counties across multiple Regions, you must setup a User Specified Region

Oman Data Error Figure 1

Figure 1
You may also use the on-line WSDOT Unit Bid Analysis tool to view the correct supplemental Item descriptions for all the contracts associated with a Standard Item Number.