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Bid Tabs Pro is software provided by a private company using Bid Tabulation data from EBASE.

It will analyze all Standard Bid Item and contractor bid data for contacts let by WSDOT. It makes this data available with a multitude of predefined query areas and creates reports or exports to excel the results based on those queries.

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Bid Tabs Professional Software for bid-based cost data analysis

Great flexibility is built into this software. Queries can be by contractor, quantity, county, bid letting dates, and many others. This data is mostly used as a bid-based estimating source.

This program is available to all WSDOT employees.

For installation contact Kari Beardslee or your Region IT representative.

* Non-WSDOT parties may obtain this software from Oman Systems*

Once the Bid Tabs Pro Program is loaded on your PC, automated updates of the weekly bid histories will be added by Omans systems every 2 weeks.

View What is Bid Tabs Pro? (pdf 39 kb) to get an understanding of how this application will help during your project.  Also see the Bid Tabs Pro User's Guide (pdf 1.6 mb) to help navigate through the process.

Add on to Bid Tabs Pro -  See the Bid Taps Pro Plus User's Guide (pdf 2.75 km)

See examples of starter estimates (xls 24 kb) 

This Bid Tabs Pro quick help (pdf 844 kb) document will give you tips and tricks on using the application.

These instructions will be helpful for a simple Bid Item search (pdf 546 kb) in both the Unit Bid Analysis(UBA) application and in Bid Tab Pro (BTP).

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