Design Policy - Context Sensitive Design - Solutions and Ideas

Context sensitive solutions (CSS) refer to those the planning, design, construction, and operation of transportation facilities to enhance community livability. CSS considers not only the goals of safety and mobility for a facility, but also the goals of the surrounding community in which the facility exists. This can include factors such as land use, aesthetics, historical considerations, and environmental quality.

See the National Context Sensitive Solutions for Washington State.

Community Partnerships
WSDOT’s Highways and Local Programs Office convened a forum that was tasked with improving WSDOT’s interactions with local jurisdictions; particularly on projects planned, scoped, and built within urban areas. This was the result of a Washington Transportation Commission policy directing WSDOT to “provide and promote civic engagement and a sense of place through safe, sustainable choices for a variety of elements including housing, transportation, education, cultural diversity, enrichment and recreation”.