Design - Development Services - Access Permit Guidelines

Can I build a driveway to any state highway?
No, the access classification of a highway determines the spacing between accesses (driveways, private streets, county roads). The RCW and WAC control the distance between driveways and how many accesses are allowed. There are two types of access control:

  • Limited access (no private access permitted)
  • Managed access (you can apply for a private access permit)

How do I determine the access limits on the highway?
NWR Access guidelines (pdf 22 kb) summarizes the portions of RCW 47.50 and WAC 468 that govern accesses to the state highways.

The Highway Classification Description (pdf 20 kb) is similar to the access guidelines in an easy to read one-page table format.

If the highway is Limited Access, how do I obtain access?
Highways controlled by acquiring abutting property owners" access rights are termed limited access highways and are further distinguished as having full, partial, or modified control.

An access break is needed when the limited access boundary is to be crossed. This refers to any point from inside or outside the state limited access right of way limited access hachures and crosses.

How do I determine the access classification of my highway?
The Access Control Tracking System, Limited Access and Managed Access Master Plan shows the speed limit, managed access (M/A) class, if a highway is limited access (L/A), where WSDOT has planned for limited access and other information.

How do I apply for a driveway permit?
The Application for Access Connection Permit - WSDOT Form 224-694 (pdf 190 kb) is for property that is NOT inside the city limits and is required when a new driveway is required or the land use changes; for example: new developments or if a property changes use from commercial to noncommercial. Please print the application and mail the completed form to WSDOT.

Can I just add a cell tower to my property?
No, a cell tower permit is required. Please print the Application for Type F Access - Wireless Communication Site - WSDOT Form 224-009 (pdf 134 kb), complete and mail to WSDOT Regional Development Services.

How do I design my driveway?
Use the Access (driveway) examples (pdf 790 kb) as a design guide for access connections.

What happens after my access (driveway) permit is issued?
A pre-construction conference must take place before any construction within the state right-of-way can begin. The Pre-construction conference agenda (pdf 52 kb) items must be addressed when the local agency and their contractor meet with the WSDOT representative.