Computer Aided Engineering - Electronic Engineering Data Standards (EEDS) Manual

The Electronic Engineering Data Standards (EEDS) manual defines standards and procedures for preparing, delivering, and archiving electronic engineering data created for the Washington State Department of Transportation during location survey, design, and PS&E phases of highway projects. These standards shall be used in the preparation and delivery of all electronic deliverables defined within, and applies to projects delivered by WSDOT staff and consulting firms, unless otherwise approved by a WSDOT Project Development Engineer.

The purpose of these standards and procedures is to promote uniformity and consistency across WSDOT.  Project data can then be effectively managed during the project development phase and has value for those in future phases, such as construction, who need to make use of electronic data that was originally created by someone else.

The instructions in this manual are not intended to preclude the exercise of project manager judgment in the event of special or unique circumstances that would make following these standards less efficient for delivery of a specific project.

EEDS Manual  

All forms referenced in section 8 of this manual are available for download and use here. You may need to install the appropriate application(s) to read the available formats.

EEDS Forms Library

This manual will be updated on a continuing basis, with revisions issued periodically. Suggestions for improvements are welcome, please send suggestions to your local WSDOT CAE Coordinator.